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The Clovis Crawfish is a symbol for modern learning. Clovis (pronounced claw-VEESS) is the name of a popular crawfish from the bayoux in Southwestern Louisiana who appeared in elementary school readers featuring him and other characters. Many 'Cajuns (Acadians -- residents of SW Louisiana whose ancestry is from Nova Scotia, Canada) are familiar with him. I have chosen Clovis as the mascot of this site since as a child those elementary school readers ignited my passion for Louisana culture and languages in general. Here he is in modern dress befitting the new web technology that facilitates learning about culture and language more accessibly, more personally, and more enjoyably.


About the popular Collegium Project

Have a look here at a presentation for the Collegium project in your language and request an account.


Clovis Educational, Inc.

ClovisCorp is a California non-profit 503-(c) corporation, EIN 35-2390046.
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Founder and CEO: markcbordelon@cloviscorp.com
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