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In Progress (refer to collaborator matrix)

  • TEXTSrecording, mark-up, disambiguation, synchronization of all remaining Greek,Latin texts
  • DICTIONARIESusing SemanticsManager to create images to close pictures to all concrete words in Dictionaries, and as many abstract words as possible in English etymologies
  • LESSONScomplete analysis of vocabulary morphology in texts, reorganization and completion of Latin and Greek lessons
  • DRILLSnew response Input method for active input, better progress indicators, new drill movement methods and intro pages with goal selection based on text and vocab/grammar; Fill-In from Text (along with phonetic cue from lex or semantic cue from definition), Writing word from Sound (uses new response input method)


Planned Milestones

  1. Complete Greek and Latin coverage of top 20% of high-freq words from the respective text corpora
  2. Syntax mark-up for Greek and Latin texts.
  3. Leverage complete text syntax mark-up in new drills (i.e. Clause Reader Drill -- assign subject, verb, object in clause whose difficulty is measured weighted vocab*rank and grammar*rank, number of words, and ambiguity of words, Concord Drill to match subjects with verbs and objects with verbs and adjectives with nouns, Question Drill to form correct questions from italicized words in clause, Create Clause Drill -- given lexical forms and syntax information, create clause -- a question<->answer drill using all the question words is probably even more import)
  4. Rewrite CUE, RESP as servlets and then web service calls in anticipation for cloud computing solution. Will also allow mixing of different drills and response methods in same session.
  5. Picture tableaux: assemble tiles into tableaux with markup file for coordinates. Be able to show 100x100 tile from tableau as well as expand a 100x100 tile on mouseover.
Primary Objectives
  1. add other nyms to semantics drill, remove english drills
  2. finish etymology database, add drills
  3. transfer entire server work to html w/ ajax (start with a table render component)
  4. Ecclesia Dei and Bolchazy proposals
  5. marketing push for LatinTeach list members
  6. final vetting and semantic reformatting of definitions, remove non-concrete seman tags
  7. semantics work incorporating wordnet
  8. improve lesson links for vocab, grammar, and drill in latin and greek lessons
  9. make lessons session-based to take advantage of vocab, grammar and chunks for examples
  10. implement remaining ClovisDrill refactored code: (goal setting in classmanager)
  11. program new reading drill (cue: 90% known clause with closest ranked word blanked out and its definition; untimed res: (distractors based on current av) >1 morph similar + >1 sem similar; ans: correct multi-choice)
  12. program new syntax listening drill -- cue: (num words basd on current av) clause audio & "subject-verb", timed res: pairs of nom-verb combos, ans: correct multi-choice
  13. program the subscription time clock for the drills


Secondary Objectives
  1. corporate and government fundraising
  2. prepare dialog button for class manager
  3. add morph refs to morphology rules, and use this to link to appropriate reference in evaluation
  4. address Latin lexical and verb morphology issues: remove all quis and quid from dictionary, instead adding quis,quid as secondary forms of qui/quod of qui(D) in texts (dictionary/inflectedwords)
  5. over-constraint of Latin deponents (MinfVaAf and MparVaAi), vocative participle, futures and gendered indicatives
  6. Port and recode to mysql 5.1 database
  7. add syntax attributes for Aeneid


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